Come da titolo vengono rilasciati in contemporanea XeBuild v1.16 ; Dashlaunch v3.16 ; XeBuildGUI v2.097

XeBuild v1.16 ChangeLog:
- bug fixes
- add 17489
- !experimental! g2 and g2m patches based on 13182 CBB for coronas using winbond memory
patch set for corona hardware issues that require 13182, use -r WB or -r WB4G on command line to select when building corona images
thanks to 15432 and DrSchottky for doing the heavy lifting for corona winbond patches
original release can be found XeLL image with WB2K support [5th UPD]
Mileage may vary, though it's possible these can also improve boot times of older corona models and possibly even some trinity machines (use trinity smc).
Also, it's unlikely vfuses will work fully on machines that have vfuse errors as mfg CBB patches never load them from NAND (CD onwards do still.)
Big thanks also to Team Xecuter for first bringing this problem to our attention, and working out and testing the solution that proved it by successfully booting xell

Dashlaunch v3.16 ChangeLog:
- updated spanish translation
- add 17489

XeBuildGUI v2.97 Changelog:
- Updated: Now using xeBuild 1.16
- Updated: Now using Dashlaunch 3.16
- Updated: Now building 2.0.17489.0!MdoS0IBD!LBNpUd_6O...giZJ5qSFbukoQc!ZABWHb5B!0w7wm7LXb...GF4EdH1TQqeq_Y!tIADDAyK!5tuZZZaAL...-mdZhXFY4IuMxo