Neuroacid Ŕ attualmente l'unico developer in possesso del codice sorgente degli ode di deunan, e ci aggiorna sullo stato dei suoi lavori:
That version was just a WIP/PoC not intended for the end-user.
You shouldn't be using GDMenu v0.5 anyway and you can read on why a few pages back.

The download link for the latest release (currently v0.4), can always be found on

Might as well just post a quick status update on the menu.

For anyone wondering, I've haven't had much time to work on the menu lately, but I found exactly what was causing the problems on some games and made some fixes.
Anyway I still plan to rewrite the bootloader, so hopefully I can get to it next weekend or so, after that I'll still have to test a lot more games to check for any other problems.
There's also some firmware changes incoming with some fixes and features that I'll have to implement on the menu next.

About the Rhea menu, I know I said soon, but unfortunately I haven't had time to work on it for the past month, it's functional and pretty much ready for an initial release I just need to find the time to put on some final touches.
Good thing that I acquired a Saturn and a Rhea recently (still waiting for it to arrive), so at least it should make development/testing easier.

Oh and before you get too excited about it, be warned that there's no way to change discs for now besides pressing the tact switch, but at least you can see the full games list on the SD card and cycling through them is pretty fast.
Unfortunately, sending custom commands to the Rhea is not as simple, so finding a good way/workaround to do it that is not too slow, will take some time.