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Discussione: [NEWS] RMENU v0.1.3 finalmente disponibile

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    [NEWS] RMENU v0.1.3 finalmente disponibile

    Con l'ultimo aggiornamento fw da parte di deunan di Rhea e Phoebe, neuroacid ha avuto la possibilità di continuare il suo lavoro e pubblicarlo.
    Dunque è finalmente disponibile l'interfaccia grafica per gli unici ODE per Sega Satur: RMENU!!!

    Attualmente è alla versione 0.1.3 ma sicuramente verrà aggiornato e migliorato con il tempo.
    Appena possibile aggiornerò il post con delle immagini e dei pareri personali, nel frattempo ecco il link della discussione ufficiale e del download:ù

    Topic ufficiale
    Link Firmware Rhea
    Link Firmware Phoebe
    Ecco le instruzioni per il funzionamento:
    - This release requires firmware version 3.5.0 for Rhea or 3.2.0 for

    - Get it from and follow the
    update procedure explained on the respective page.

    - After successfully updating the firmware, extract/copy folder '01'
    from the RMENU archive to the root of you SD card.

    - In case folder '01' already exists, please remember to move the disc
    image inside to another folder first.

    - Open the folder and execute the RMENU.exe app inside, it will scan
    your SD card for games and generate the RMENU.iso disc image.

    - After the app finishes the scan, you are prompted to edit the game
    titles, edited titles are saved for that particular SD card.

    - Insert your SD card with the newly created menu disc image into your
    Rhea/Phoebe SD slot and power-on your Saturn.

    - After booting up, if everything went according to plan, you should see
    a menu with the list of games currently on your SD card.

    - Enjoy and have fun!

    - Up/Down D-pad buttons are used to navigate through the menu.
    - L/R shoulder buttons to switch between pages.
    - (A) button to boot the selected game.
    - (B) button to exit the menu and return to the BIOS CD player.
    - (C) button to view additional information and ODE firmware version.

    The menu includes an experimental boot-loader, in order to use it, press
    start button to boot the selected game.
    For now it's optional as compatibility while good is not 100% - this is
    mostly reserved for future use with the reset_goto option.
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    Appena provato e posso dire che è già completamente funzionante, interessante è la compatibilità con la action replay 4in1 che viene avviata nuovamente dopo la scelta del gioco per poter inserire i codici per chi ne avesse intenzione.
    Di seguito ecco un video che ho appena registrato:
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    Ecco la spiegazione del funzionamento del menù con le AR direttamente da Neuroacid:
    While it can be run from a cart, it would just add an unnecessary additional
    step, as the custom menu disc image itself, is an integral part in using the CDB
    to communicate with the ODE. So it ends up being better to just load the menu
    the way it is now and, leave the cart slot free for something else.

    For anyone wondering about using AR or other carts - by pressing (A) button you
    reset the system and start the boot process from the beginning, so you are taken
    back to whatever cart you have inserted (I can later just add an option to go
    back to the cart from the menu).

    On the other hand if you want to skip the cart and boot the game directly, you
    can do just that by using the (START) button instead, that way you go straight
    to the SEGA licensing screen. The reason why this is not the default boot, is
    simply because while it works well, the compatibility is not perfect. I'll try
    to figure out if it can be improved (probably just a matter of reverting to a
    state that some games expect) but for the time being I decided to just leave it
    in as an option for future use, as I plan to use it in conjunction with the
    Rhea's reset_goto option to return back to the menu.
    Ebbene sì, avete letto bene anche Rhea e Phoebe avranno in game reset!!
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