KaKaRoTo, famosissimo sviluppatore conosciuto soprattutto per il suo lavoro di qualche anno fa su PS3, ha deciso di rilasciare il suo ultimo lavoro prima di abbandonare definitivamente la scena : PS3XPORT.

Sostanzialmente a che serve? E' un tool che riesce a manipolare i backup (non dei giochi ma dell'harddisk della console) effettuati attraverso l'apposita impostazione.

Hello everyone!

Itís been quite a long time and Iím very happy about that
Letís do the boring part first! This is my final release for the scene, I am not ďcoming backĒ or anything like that, so donít get your hopes up, but I needed to release this so Iíd be officially done. I have never actually announced that Iím leaving the scene but everyone figured it out. It wasnít originally done intentionally actually, but life caught up with me, work, family, lack of time, etc.. so I had little time to work on the ps3. Also, my motivation was mostly gone due to not finding anything interesting anymore, a lot of drama and Iím not a huge fan of all the attention this all brings. I got into the scene because I was curious and I wanted to learn, and I have to say Iíve learned a lot of things these past years and it was an incredible journey, but as I had lack of time and started breathing, I realized that Iíve had enough of it so I left and I am very happy with that decision because you have absolutely no idea how much of a time drain and headache this was
Anyways, there was one thing I did just before I left, but I never got to release it, but today is your lucky day as itís release Oíclock where I am!. This release is a way to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc.. to everyone, and a way for me to also say ďIím done for good, I donít have anything left for you in a drawer somewhereĒ . Iíve wanted to release this for a while now, and I even made a poll on ps3hax back in March 2012 asking people if I should (looks like ps3hax is down right now so hereís the google cache version) and the general response was not to release it until it can be useful (when an npdrm workaround is found) with some people saying to release if nothing new happens in the scene.. and I think Iíve waited long enough now to know nothing new on that front will happen.

So.. since Iíve announced the release, Iíve seen a lot of speculation about what it is and what it could be.. a lot of people seem to think (or mostly, want/hope for) a downgrade method, unfortunately thatís not the case. Iíve seen some ridiculous suggestions too, like someone asking if itís a way to run PS4 and Xbox One games on PS3.. Iím sorry to say, thatís not it either As Iíve said in a tweet shortly after, this is nothing groundbreaking, this is code that hasnít been touched in 3 years, so itís already 3 years old, but I think itís still something that can be very useful to the community.

So here it is, Iím introducing to you : PS3xport! Iíve uploaded it to my github account here : https://github.com/kakaroto/ps3xport

What does it do? Well, itís basically a tool for manipulating the PS3 backup data. When I say ďPS3 backupĒ, Iím not talking about a ďbackupĒ of a game, no.. Iím talking about the full PS3 hard drive backup that you can do by going to ďSystem Settings->Backup UtilityĒ on your XMB. That creates an encrypted directory on your FAT32 hard drive which allows you to format your PS3 and then Restore it just like it was before. Iíve reverse engineered the file format and encryption and PS3xport allows you to create new backup data from scratch, or dump existing ones, or delete specific files from a backup or do a whole lot of other things to your backup folders. This gives you total control over your /dev_hdd0 and /dev_flash2 filesystems, which will let you install homebrew on any console, even if itís the latest OFW version. Unfortunately, just like it was 3 years ago, you wouldnít be able to run those homebrew apps you install due to the NPDRM ECDSA signature missing. If you have your IDPS though for example, it could let you restore a backup from one PS3 to another PS3 without losing any of your data in the transfer.

So.. whatís this about ďyour IDPSĒ? yes, the backup has two sets of files, some can be decrypted right away and some canít because they are encrypted with your IDPS (your unique ps3 device id) which is why they canít be restored on a different ps3. If you have a CFW, you can easily get your IDPS (Iíve written a small tool to do that, released on github, but apparently MM and Webman will also give you that information) and that will give you total control over your backup data as you would be able to decrypt and reencrypt it. If you have OFW and canít get your IDPS, then you will not be able to dump/decode all the files from your backup, but you will still be able to create a backup that can be restored on your PS3 with no limitations (this means for example that you can restore a backup from a CFW into an OFW without any issues). I was told however that someone can get IDPS from OFW consoles and in light of this release, they might release their method soon, I canít say more than that though, but be patient and good things come to those who wait

So my release is in two parts. First, the documentation of the file format was added to the ps3devwiki so any developer can understand how the backup archive files are created and can create their own tools. Reverse engineering that format took months of work and I wonít go into too much details about what had to be done to figure out the format but it was an incredibly long and difficult task to do that I had a lot of fun in doing. The second part of the release is of course the release of the ps3xport tool. The tool is quite powerful and you can do a lot of things with it, but itís a command line only tool and I honestly just tested it on Linux, itís not really my job at this point to make a windows build, or make a GUI around it, etc.. but Iím sure it wonít be long before others in the scene pick it up and make a nice GUI for it and release windows binaries. Iíve written a nice README file so everyone can understand how the tool works and what it can do. I remember though that 3 years ago just before I stopped working on it, I wanted to add a ďAddPKGĒ command to it which would just Ďinstallí a pkg into the backup data automatically, unfortunately, I never got to do it, but it should be easy to do. While Iím at it, Iím also releasing a pkg extraction tool which I found in an old directory (cool thing is the -p option in it, try itÖ) as well which is a PKG extraction tool that uses the PagedFile mechanism (see below) to allow for very fast pkg file access with very little memory usage even for huge pkg files, any dev can probably mix those two together to add the AddPKG feature to ps3xport.

On the software front, ps3xport.c will parse the commands then use the archive_* API which is in archive.c. That will contain all the functions needed to manipulate the archive files. It uses a ChainedList which is my rudimentary implementation of a GList-like ordered list and the archive API also uses PagedFile objects which are pretty cool. PagedFiles are a wrapper around a file which allows you to read/write to a file using pages (I set it to 64KB per page I think) so it limits the hard drive access. The cool thing about it is that it has encryption and hashing built in, so you can just set the encryption key or ask for the file to be hashed, and whenever you read/write, the encryption will be done transparently, and the coolest thing about it is that you can actually seek in the encrypted file and it will still work (it recalculates the required IV whenever you seek). The encryption there works on the stream, so you donít need to write blocks of 16 bytes every time (thanks to the paging of the data) and it has a cool Ďspliceí method which allows you to copy data from one PagedFile to another easily, so you could in theory re-encrypt a file using a different key using 5 function calls (open *2, set_key*2, splice).

Thatís about it.

Iím really happy about this release, and I want to say Merry Christmas/Happy New Year to everyone, and of course..

So long, and thanks for all the fish!
Come avrete potuto notare,l'unica attuale limitazione Ť l'IDPS necessaria per il dump/decode di alcuni file,facilmente ricavabile su PS3 con CFW, ma attualmente impossibile su console con OFW (limitazione che presto verrŗ superata)

P.S. Nell'articolo si fa riferimento ad Homebrew su OFW : com'Ť scritto poco dopo, NON POSSONO ESSER AVVIATI

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